Principal cellist of Boston Symphony Orchestra dies at 85

Jules Erskin, principal cellist of the Boston Symphony has died at age 85 after a long batter with cancer.  He began playing with the ensemble in 1964 and during his tenure played under five music directors.  Before playing with the BSO, Jules spent three years in the celebrated Cleveland Orchestra under George Szell. Eskin also was a founding member of the Boston Symphony Chamber Players and toured the world, including the Soviet Union for a series of concerts in 1967.  Eskin is survived by his wife, BSO violinist Aza Raykhtsaum and his sons, Alexander Eskin and David Eskin, and his stepdaughter Anna Raykhtsaum Tratt.

A quote from Yo-Yo Ma:

Jules Eskin is a legend in the cello world. A role model for me, he has always embodied the best of what a cellist could be: a consummate musician, as a solo artist, an ensemble musician, and as principal cellist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra for 53 years. His life in music was filled and sustained by the love of his wife Aza, the roar of the engines of his sports cars, an almost Herculean ability to do chin-ups, and of course the comradeship of his fellow musicians in the Boston Symphony Orchestra family.
— Yo-Yo Ma

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